shippin' in 2007

the hatsu-'men for 2007, the menzo in the kichijoji. shoe hit hit this B a week ago, he had a bowl comin to him an his eye was on the menzo for the couple o weeks befo'.

menzo kinda looks like the ramen joint that yer bestest bud set up all on his lonesome, likes, wit the mellow in-teer-ior an the homey hip-hop on the pipes. nice n chilled, but 'nary a booger in sight slurpin' on the counter.. hmm.. had shoe chosen poorly?

well, they say hunger is the best sauce, an shoe had plenny of the sauce. but it was the smell that threw the works into overdrive.. the smell! waow, 'twas a good one, all kinda tart n almost cheese-ly, like some powdry cheese, but not quite. anyhoo, it was workin'.

shoe went for the shoyuu over the miso, chashew version wit the egg onna top. great egg. the soup was all a heavy n mellow, which kinda fit the inside. that smell? just wasn't in the bowl for some reason, but that didnae matter too much.

apparently the menzo's got a twin sista on the south side, a light one wit the assari soup. interestin' that they split the soup between the shoppes like that, good one, mezo.

three macrame wall hangins for the menzo.


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